Rental Advantage - where IT really costs less!


Don't buy the best Automotive Dealer Systemů..
Not when you can rent!
The recent changes to Block Exemption Regulations and resultant standards based franchise agreements has already led many dealers to invest substantially in their business, in people facilities and equipment. It is probably true also that many will need to invest in an advanced compliant dealer management system in the not too distant future.
Dealer Management Systems have responded to this challenge with a new way for dealers to change to the most advanced and only Certified for Window's dealer solution in Europe in a manner that does not break the bank and is more cost effective. Hitherto dealers have had to invest significant sums in capital acquisition and pay in advance for all their IT needs. DMS Ltd have put those days firmly in the past. Our rental plan offers the following benefits;
Rental Advantage

  • Fixed IT Costs for 3 or 5 years.
  • Rental options on software, software and services or all your IT requirements hardware software back office etc.
  • Tax advantages, rental is allowable in full.
  • Does not use dealer's valuable funding resources.
  • No capital outlay - No dealer investment just a quarters rental in advance.
  • Includes Price Files and other annuals that are usually incurred with other vendors. Can include ALL the IT requirements up to and including Anti Virus Support.
  • Technology refresh - keeps you at the cutting edge of technology with replacement to the hardware platform without increasing the monthly or quarterly charge.
  • Includes all dealer systems software upgrades.
  • Is cheaper and more cost effective than any competitor purchase option.

Rental Advantage - provides dealers with a significant opportunity to install what is regarded as the best European Dealer Management System without major investment. It delivers to dealerships true fixed costs that are competitive against purchase options and against our competitor prices particularly if the full costs of support, price files, system upgrades and all of the other variable charges that vendors apply each year are considered.
Remember no other charges for support over the three years (or 5-year option), no price file charges, and no software upgrade charges.
We can provide for all your IT requirements from the business system through to Microsoft Office even anti virus management all through Rental Advantage as part of a total installation. We can offer a technology refresh option that will maintain your infrastructure in line with technology progression without increasing your fixed monthly rate. It's competitive in price and beneficial in maximising your tax position.
Want to know more, need a demonstration or a rental quotation then please call our office today, we will be happy to assist. You'll never need to buy another business system.
Rental Advantage - where IT really costs less!
Stan Jacobs
Managing Director

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