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The name Dealer Management Systems wasn't chosen by chance it was chosen because that's what we are and all that we do. Our commitment, expertise and company focus is all about providing Management Solutions with no distractions and exclusively on the Dynamics NAV platform.

DMS Ltd have been providing business systems and services since 1990 and today are a leading provider of Microsoft's Dynamics NAV solution in a varied sector and in several countries. Our focus on Dynamics NAV and clear mission statement are - to deliver the most advanced systems and support services that meet the needs and expectations of business in a cost effective way.

The Right Choice

The choice of management system is vital to any business; staff morale, customer relations and indeed business performance all rely substantially on the right choice of system and partner. We are confident that DMS is the right choice; our relationship with Microsoft Business Solutions ensures that our customers maintain advanced solutions at the forefront of technology with substantial and ongoing development. Our background with more than 35 years in direct commercial management and 18 years delivering solutions to industry and businesses ensures the blend of focused and in depth industry experience necessary for correct implementation in complex businesses.

Training & Project Implementation

Project implementation is delivered by experienced professionals, all DMS Ltd. project managers have commercial accounting experience coupled with several years ERP implementation. We are a registered FAS training organisation with modern audiovisual training facilities using the most advanced thin client technology. Without proper management, replacing or upgrading your DMS can prove a difficult experience, even with the most advanced system backed by the world's leading software provider if the change management process is not managed properly. Dealer Management Systems Ltd. professional approach to project management and delivery will facilitate a smooth transition from your legacy system.

Help Desk

Independent training and assessment ensures our support staff deliver effective and high quality support. A modern call logging system with on-line access options ensures that all calls are recorded and measured. Our response rate to calls exceeds 87% of all calls being resolved in less than 3 hours and more than 70% cleared in 2 hours. Automatic call escalation ensures that management is notified of unresolved concerns.

Independently Trained and Certified Staff

DMS Ltd. are a certified MBS - Dynamics NAV development centre. Unlike many other systems vendor all our staff are independently trained and certified by Microsoft as competent to support and develop in the Dynamics NAV platform. Ongoing training is a vital part of our business development and strategy, in the past 12 months we have completed more than 60 man days of independent Microsoft training to ensure that we can deliver the best support performance in the industry and all our staff sit independent examinations to achieve Microsoft certification. Our ongoing training commitment and independent staff assessment ensure that you can rely on the skills of our support technicians.

A Clear winner

In any assessment against the current range of management systems available anywhere today we are totally confident that our system will prove to be more functional, with better performance, technologically more advanced and importantly have the best Total Cost of Ownership of any solution. And remember no other vendor is investing more in product development than Microsoft ensuring that DMS' customers remain at the forefront of modern technology.

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